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Fayette County Detention Center

Fayette County Detention Center

The Fayette County Detention Center is a juvenile hall located in Lexington, Kentucky. The Department of Juvenile Justice that operates in Kentucky has created ten different juvenile detention centers throughout the state. The Fayette County Detention center is one of these facilities. It is dedicated to providing juvenile offenders with a safe location to learn and modify their behavior.

This juvenile hall keeps dangerous juvenile offenders out of the community, until they have been successfully rehabilitated. While within the Fayette County Detention Center, juveniles have access to educational programs that provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life. There has been some concern regarding the conditions of this detention center, and it has come under scrutiny.

When the Fayette County Detention Center was created, it was intended to hold a limited number of juvenile offenders. Therefore, this secure facility only offered 25 beds. With the increasing occurrence of juvenile crime, many juvenile detention centers must expand, in order to house more residents. Recently, plans have been made to renovate this juvenile hall, in order to significantly expand its size.

The discussed renovations will transform this small center into a much larger juvenile hall, which can house over 80 residents. The center will possess 50 rooms for single occupancy, and 30 dormitory rooms. These renovations are necessary to adequately accommodate the juvenile offenders that require rehabilitation.

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